Minimally Invasive Therapies

Minimally Invasive Therapies

Quick recovery with great results

At Atlantis Orthopaedics we offer a variety of minimally invasive, highly-effective procedures that can get you to recovery quickly and with minimal or no hospital stays. What is a minimally invasive procedure?

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are increasingly popular because of their benefits. These procedures require only a very small incision to reach and repair the affected area. Often aided by robotic surgical tools, the surgeon is able to guide instruments with high precision and in tight spaces.

Because of the small incisions, there is less damage to other tissues or muscles and the patient is able to recover much quicker than with more invasive surgeries. Some procedures require short or no hospital stay because the risks are minimized and patient discomfort is decreased.

In the case of the hips, hip preservation surgery provides minimally invasive treatment of the hip in this cutting edge, rapidly developing area of orthopedic surgery. At Atlantis Orthopaedics Dr. Ashberg performs minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment of conditions such as acetabular labral tears, femoracetabular impingement (FAI), and borderline dysplasia as well as minimally invasive, robotic assisted (MAKO), anterior hip replacement surgery.

For shoulder conditions, our surgical methods emphasize minimally-invasive arthroscopic techniques.

Make an appointment with us and let our distinguished surgeons and physicians tell you how they can help you with your particular issues using minimally invasive therapies.